5% Commission, 365 Days Cookie Duration Affiliate Program in South Africa

The buythis.co.za Affiliate Program BETA 

  1. The buythis.co.za Affiliate Program BETA 
  2. Apply to be part of our Pilot Affiliate Program BETA
  3. How does referrals work in our Pilot Affiliate Program BETA
  4. How payments work in our Pilot Affiliate Program BETA
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Terms and Conditions BETA

The buythis.co.za Affiliate Program BETA 

We are looking to share our success with affiliates that are makers & content creators through our Affiliate Program BETA. We want to help grow the South Africa CNC market for everyone. 

As we are nearing completion of our Affiliate Program we are rolling out as a Closed Beta to a select few South African affiliate makers & content creators, before we open to the general public. This will help us catch errors and bugs early and importantly to streamline the process for all.

Account Dashboard

Apply to be part of our Pilot Affiliate Program BETA

Simply head over to our Affiliate Program BETA account page. There you can submit your application for consideration. Just a note: we will not change our tracking code/url structure after closing the beta, so all your earnings are real and we will pay as the way mentioned in the payment section below.

How does referrals work in our Pilot Affiliate Program BETA

We use a special link, unique to you as affiliate, to trace the shoppers you sent to the store. We have a really handy link generator to help with link creation. And we use a cookie to track visits and allocate your commission once sales have been made. We provide a long cookie expiration period to stored by the shoppers’ browsers. This is cooking stays active for 365 days, longer than any affiliate program in South Africa, we want to give you a greater chance to get commission even when a purchase comes months later.

How payments work in our Pilot Affiliate Program BETA

  • You will get 5% commission on product sales price before VAT.
  • This excludes shipping charges (however, most of sales are free shipping since purchase amount over threshold)
  • This commission also excludes any tax.
  • If the total yearly commission is over R1000 (ZAR), you will need to upload an invoice to withdraw the amount. This is done in our Affiliate withdrawal Page.
  • Please note we only pay out to South African banks by EFT. Please put your banking details on the invoice when requesting payment. We will use the invoice number as reference when make payment to you.
  • If you are individual or business not that is NOT registered for VAT. Simply Invoice the amount as what you eared. If you are a business with VAT number, please add 15% South African VAT when invoicing us.
  • For VAT invoices, we will verify your VAT status on SARS website every time before we make payment, please make sure your have your correct company details and VAT number on invoice.

Terms and Conditions BETA

We haven’t finalised the final terms and conditions of the affiliate program at this stage. We would like to keep it a little organic and see how it grows with the program. 

Generally speaking, we are going to align with general best practice and encourage all genuine promotion methods. No black hat or negative SEO practises will be eligible and we implore you to stay away from the dark side 🙂 We reserve the right to remove accounts that we feel are in breach of our positive practises. All rights are reserved.

We will finalise our Terms & Conditions before the end of the beta period so current Terms & Conditions is subject to change. Just play nice and fair and we all win with this program.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: What is an affiliate program? How does it work?
A: Our affiliate program is where we award a sales commission of successful referrals of visitors to our store. Basically an affiliate (in this case you) refer visitors to our store. You then earn 5% sales commission on successful purchases the third party makes during the first 365 days. Terms & Conditions apply.

Q: What does a 365 Days cookie mean?
A: We use cookies to trace visitors you sent to our store. What is a cookie? (I don’t think this is something we should teach, maybe just link to wikipedia) A cookie duration is 365 days from the day placed, and will update every time the visitor visits us by your link to reset to another 365 days.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Sign up using our Affiliate Program form. Generate a link custom Affiliate link, Point Users to our site from your interesting content via the generated link.

Q: Who can participate?
A: This affiliate program is open to South African website owners and content creators.

Q: Does it cost anything to participate?
A: There is no cost to you. 

Q: How are sales on your site traced from my site?
A: When your affiliate link is used, a tracing cookie is added to the users browser to identify them when they purchase from our site.

Q: What is the affiliate link format?
A: You can use our link generator to simplify this. Or if you are expert of link building, you can add #your_affiliate_id at the end of any webpage of our site.

Q: How much will I earn?
A: 5% commission on sale price (excludes shipping charges, excluded VAT) Review Payment section.