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To save operation costs, we don’t have a management or a service team, therefore there isn’t anyone for you to be in direct contact with. We have explained all types of situations in the abovementioned section, please read the answers carefully. For certain situations or circumstances you do not need to send us a message, instead fill in the form below. Once submitted, your message will be forwarded to relative parties based on the designation of the message.

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    Order Number

    Please note, when an order cannot be fulfilled by the supplier it will be cancelled. If you receive a notice confirming that your order has been cancelled, the amount that you paid will be deposited into your online wallet account — which you can use for your next purchase. Also note that only the amount from your cancelled order will be refunded, other income sources like bonuses received won’t be refunded. If you would like to request a refund of the amount in your online wallet account, please fill in the order number and your banking details below. For amount more than R2000, please also upload a proof of bank account.

    Order Number

    Based on our order terms, within 7 days from the time your order is collected, or from the time your order delivered (if you are using your own courier company, please also provide proof of delivery.), you can request to return the products if you found any defects (if its shipping damage, please select (Shipping.1) for shipping damage claim). Please provide pictures of the products received and the reason why you would like to return the product. We will be in touch with the suppliers for request’s for an exchange, repair, refund of a product. Once a conclusion has been made, we will provide you with the supplier’s address for you to send the products back. You will be given 7 days to return the products back to the supplier’s warehouse once the return request has been approved.

    Order Number

    Please put in your order number and the reference that you used for Bank EFT. If you have a proof of payment for the transaction, you can also upload it. Please note that the accountant only works once a week to reconcile bank statements so please be patient with us if you encounter any delays. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email notification.

    Order Number

    Please ask your bank to provide the proof of payment with the SWIFT message, you may paste the content of the message here, or upload the proof of payment file below. Please note that the SWIFT payment itself is fast but your bank may take up some time to send, and also our bank may take time to notify us of a payment that was made. Please allow (3) three working days for the SWIFT payment processing. 

    Credit Card Number

    Please note that when you make a payment by credit card, the payment does not come through directly to us, rather your payment goes to a payment gateway service first and then we get paid thereafter. We do not have record of the payment, nor can see which credit card was used except last 4 digits is some cases. If you notice the word “Buythis” or “BUYTIS” on your bank statement and you are unfamiliar with the transaction, its likely that someone used your card to purchase from us. If that is the case please provide us with your card number as well as the full reference/description on your statement together with the amount paid and the time of the transaction. We will try and stop the order from getting dispatched thereafter we will relay the identity information of the purchaser and refund you as well.

    Order Number

    We apologize for the damage caused to your package during shipping. Please note we can only claim compensation for the order that we are shipping, whether the shipment is free or not. It is entirely up to us to arrange that with a logistics company. Please upload the photos of the package as well as content that is damaged. Please ensure that you do not sign because this will serve as evidence that you have checked and confirmed that your package is in an excellent condition therefore making it very difficult for us to claim damages.

    URL Link

    You have quite a good eye, thank you for letting us know what you found. Our website is maintained by Bates Digital, your message will be automatically forwarded to them. If there is no response a notification message will bounce back to you. We really do appreciate your help.

    Your Company Website

    Our website is managed by Bates Digital, which is a technology company for website assets management and promotion. Your company profile as well as the service you can provide will be forwarded to them. They may contact you for your service if required.

    Your Company Name

    We operate our business around the clock. If we decide to sell your products, we will do stock control and store your products in our warehouse for clients to purchase. Our fee is very low compared to all kinds of cost saving strategies that we have in place. We will only sell your products at a lower price or at the same price that it’s going for. If you are interested in selling your products at our store, please fill your product information below.

    New Affiliate ID

    Affiliate ID is allowed lowercase letters and numbers only, length from 3 to 16 ASCII characters. Please note, once you change your affiliate ID, all previous placed cookies by your old referral links will become invalid. Please note, the change is processed by one of the administrates manually, once changes are made you will get an email confirmation.

    Account Info

    Please tell us more about your account. When did it create and from which city? What’s your full name and email address? Send us an ID copy if possible, so we can locate your account and reset password for you. 

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