99% A.I. Driven. Shopping Cart and Ordering Questions Answered

We are using a standard online shopping system with an order flow that is very similar to that of most other online stores. If you have never purchased anything online, here is a basic flow:

How long does a new order remain valid?

An order placed on our website shall be binding on us only upon receipt of payment. Payment shall be deemed to be received only when the relevant amount owing in respect of the products ordered has been credited to the banking account of Buythis (Pty) Ltd. All amounts due to us in terms of these terms & conditions will be paid in the currency of the Rands (free of deduction, bank charges or set off). We provide bank account info across all four major banks. We also take debit card and credit cards online.

Once an order is placed on our website, the status of the order will be reflected as “On Hold” until payment is received. We understand that certain payments may take 24 hours to reflect in our account, but if payment is not received with a period of about 36 hours from the time on which the order is placed the order will automatically lapse and be of no further force or effect and the order status will change to “Cancelled”.

Notwithstanding the aforegoing, we shall, in our sole and absolute discretion, be entitled (but not obliged) to accept payments in respect of orders which may have been cancelled, with regard to factors such the date on which the order was cancelled, the availability of stock and whether the price of the products have fluctuated.

  • In the event that the late payment in respect of a cancelled order is accepted, the orders status will change from “Cancelled” to “Payment Confirmed” and the products shall be delivered.
  • If the cancelled order is not accepted the payment be credited to your online wallet and you can use it to place a new order or ask for a refund.

Regarding stock viability and backorder:

We are a company that provides products for businesses and industries so some products are for niche markets; thus it is a rare occurrence for someone to make an individual purchase. We don’t stock all products from our suppliers and we accordingly allow backorders for products which we don’t have in stock. Please note that delivery for backorder products may take up to 4 months or longer due to industrial suppliers generally involve manufacturing the products ordered (MTO), and this generally leads to lengthy delays. .

Where can you get more information about the product?

All product data is updated automatically and syncs with our supplier’s database at a consistent rate. If you have more questions regarding the products, please contact the supplier directly. In most cases, they will also update the content to include the answers for you in order to better serve future clients.

Once more, keep in mind that our supplier’s contact information is always available on each product, below the “Additional Information” tab.

For every product we list with warranty terms and for every product that has a warranty, you need to contact the supplier directly for any product exchanges/repairs. In cases where you need to send or bring the product back to the supplier for any exchanges/repairs which take place under the instruction of supplier. Please take notice that a cost may be charged directly by the supplier for such a service.

We don’t cancel the order, unless:

Because our target mainly comprises of business purchases, there is often very little, to no room for impulse purchases. In fact, because of the A.I. technology we use, the process streamlines from order, to fulfilment very swiftly. The only occurrence, in which the system will cancel an order, would be as a result of payment failure., So if you feel that you are likely to change your mind, please do not process a payment because once you do, we will fulfil the order.

Regarding stocks with small quantities, concurrent orders/backorders that the supplier cannot fulfil due to whatever reasons, the order will be sent back from the supplier, to the accounting team for cancellation. Once confirmed, (again, keep in mind that our accounting team only works once a week), your order will be cancelled and the payment made will be deposited into your online wallet. You can use it to place a new order or ask for a refund.

About return, replace and repair:

Barring the provisions of section 44 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, No. 25 of 2002 and as set out here, we do return, replace, repair and/or allow refunds in respect of products supplied.

You shall, upon taking delivery of the products, be entitled to inspect and examine the Products for a period of 7 days, if no complaints are raised within the said 7 days, same shall be deemed as confirmation that you have inspected the product, that the product is free from any material defect and is to your satisfaction.

In the event that you are reasonably unsatisfied with the product, we will discuss with our supplier and shall in our sole and absolute discretion, be entitled to supply a new product replacing the product at no additional cost, have the product repaired to its the original state by supplier, or to refund the payment into your online wallet, which you can use it to place a new order or ask for a refund, in each case, within 7 (seven) days from the date on which the defective products have been returned to the supplier at your cost.

In the event that a refund has been decided, a restocking fee may charged. Please reading shipping section for more information about restocking.

Once the refund deposited into your online wallet, you can request refund to your bank account, please send us a message stating the amount as well as the banking details you want the refund to be paid into. The banking details for a refund must be in respect of a local (RSA based) bank account. If you paid from an overseas bank account, we are, unfortunately, unable to provide you with a refund as this is only possible in respect of local (RSA based) banks due to the charges associated therewith.

Simplified guide:

  • Start: send us a complaint about your purchase;
    (our supplier will provide a response within 7 days)
    either decide for return:
    1. Return and refund;
    2. Return and exchange;
    3. Return and repair;
      you need to return products to supplier’s address within 7 days;
  • or otherwise:
    1. Claim rejected;
    2. Repair on your premises (travel cost may apply);
    3. Request further information to reach decision.
  • If refund is required (either full or partial), fund will be deposited into your online wallet account.

Please note: All services, diagnosis or repairs as may be undertaken or requested by you in relation to equipment (whether purchased from Buythis (Pty) Ltd or otherwise) are so undertaken at your own risk, cost and expense.

Although we and our suppliers take all the requisite steps to ensure that all services, diagnosis or repairs, as may be undertaken or required from time to time, are so undertaken by qualified technicians in accordance with the best service standards, care and professionalism, there are a number of elements, factors and risks which are beyond our and our suppliers reasonable control. As a result, neither Buythis (Pty) Ltd, our suppliers nor its employees, directors, agents or representatives (collectively “us/our”) shall be responsible for any costs, expenses, loss or damage which you (or the equipment) may sustain as a result of any service, diagnosis or repair by reason of any act, or omission of whatsoever nature and you agree to indemnify us in this regard.

We sell on a worldwide scale, but we only do local deliveries:

No matter where you’re from, you are more than welcome to place an order. We are based in South Africa and there are no trade barriers that may prevent us from selling to any other country, provided that these terms and conditions and the laws governing the sale shall at all times be governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

Unfortunately, we only deliver within South African boarders. If you’re from another country, you are required to send your own courier or shipping agent to collect your order from our warehouse. Please note that you may need to pay in USD (US Dollars) via SWIFT if you cannot pay via credit card online. Be sure to read the payment section for more information.

About VAT Tax:

We list all prices VAT inclusive, and charge VAT for all local sales as well as sales from Common Monetary Areas (CMA) – i.e., Namibia, Lesotho and Eswatini. We do not charge VAT for all other export sales. Even though we do not ship to your country, a shipping address in your country is still required as this is a legal requirement of South African tax laws.

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