100% Payment Safety. Payment Methods, Banking Details and Discount

There are so many ways to pay us, some better than others. Here is the information for each payment method.

  • If you are not purchasing from this online store, and only want to use our payment facilities to pay a 3rd party, please read our Payment Services terms here.

We prefer Bank EFT payment. This way, you get a 1% discount:

When you order from Common Monetary Areas (CMA) which include South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Eswatini, it’s highly possible that you have one of our local bank accounts and are able to pay the Rand amount which your order indicates.

We believe that you are most likely to use either an ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank or Nedbank account and so we encourage you to make use of the Bank EFT payment method given that we offer a 1% discount if you choose to do so. This way, we save on 3rd party payment gateway fees. Excluding first time payments from Standard Bank – which often involve an overnight delay, all other bank payments from the aforementioned banks, reflect on our accounts immediately (the system marks the payment as received with some delay due to some automatic auditing process), so there’s no need to send us the proof of payment ( this saves you from additional banking fees).

It is pivotal that you make use of the order number as your payment reference so that the A.I. system can process your payment automatically. If this isn’t done, manual intervention may be required and this may result in a 1-week delay.

Our banking details are as follows:

Buythis (Pty) Ltd

Account No.
Account Type
Branch Code

Buythis (Pty) Ltd

Account No.
Account Type
Branch Code

Buythis (Pty) Ltd

Account No.
Account Type
Branch Code

Standard Bank
Buythis (Pty) Ltd

Account No.
Account Type
Branch Code

SWIFT payments from overseas:

When you order from other countries, a USD amount will be calculated based on the daily rates of the day in which the order is placed. You are required to pay via SWIFT to our USD bank account which is:

  • Bank Name: Nedbank Limited
  • Account Number: 7900707832
  • Bank Address: 135 Rivonia Road, Johannesburg 2196, South Africa

Please select the option in which the Sender (you), is rendered to pay all the fees instead of sharing the fees or having the receiver pay the fee. Otherwise we will receive less and won’t be able to fulfill your order. In such a case, we will convert the USD we received to Rand value and deposit it into your Online Wallet.

We do take credit cards:

We take Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

We have a merchant account with Nedbank which allows us to take credit and debit cards. It’s convenient and the payment process is almost instant. We also utilise multiple payment gateways such as PayFast, PayGate, PayPal, Peach Payment etc. The payment gateway you decide to use will be dynamically adjusted by the A.I. system based on the payment gateway you decide to use as a result of additional fees we may be required to pay. We take no responsibility for the 3rd party service providers which supply the payment gateways but assure you that all the payment gateways we use are reputable providers in the payment industry and they all have and enforce exceptional security (please peruse the terms and conditions of their websites in this regard). We are only able to see payment results identified by last 4 digits of the card number and expiration date. We have no way of knowing what card you happen to use, or any of the details that happen to be on it. Payments marked as potentially fraudulent by the relevant payment gateway won’t be processed by the A.I system. This is an automatic occurrence in the system which will trigger manual intervention.

Cash deposits are not welcome:

We do not welcome cash deposits because they often result in higher fees. We operate with a small service fee by operating with this platform for suppliers, thus we cannot afford to pay cash deposit fees.

If you pay via the use of cash a deposit, we will levy the bank fee caused by your cash deposit, to your online wallet. This may result in your wallet balance being negative therefore requiring you to top it up with your next order.

No cheque deposits allowed:

This payment method has proven to be outdated and unsecure. Every cheque we’ve ever received was prone to fraudulence, and as a result, we do not accept cheque deposits. If we see a cheque deposit appear in any of our bank accounts, we won’t mark your order as “paid”, rather we will mark the order as, “cancelled” and the bounced cheque fee will be levied to your online wallet even if the cheque hasn’t bounced yet. Even if the cheque is genuine, and the payment clears after some time, we will merely treat it as a donation. So, please be sure to never deposit cheques to us. (Update) Since beginning of 2021, South African banks will not accept any cheques for deposit or encashment.

You get an Online Wallet when you do business with us:

Once you register, you have an online wallet with us. Any overpayments on orders, any refunds etc., the relevant amount will be deposited into your online wallet. You may also top up your online wallet whenever you deem it convenient. The balance in your wallet may, at your election, be used to pay for your purchase or may be refunded to a local (RSA based) bank account of your choosing if the potion is from your payment made.

Currently, we give bonuses for your actions on our online store. We reserve the right to change these from time to time without notice. The bonuses include:


  • A new registration bonus: A R50 once off bonus for all new users;
  • A daily visit bonus: A R5 daily bonus for visiting our store;
  • A positive product review bonus: A R50 bonus is incurred if you purchase our products and leave a review. If you purchased the same or similar products and would like to leave a review, you are more than welcome to do so. Whilst we are happy to receive constructive criticism and feedback regarding our products, negative reviews will not be subject to a bonus.

Ask for refunds from your wallet:

If you like we refund to you, please see to it that you send us a message stating the amount as well as the banking details you want the refund to be paid into. The banking details for a refund must be in respect of a local (RSA based) bank account. If you paid from an overseas bank account, we are, unfortunately, unable to provide you with a refund as this is only possible in respect of local (RSA based) banks due to the charges associated therewith.

Please note, we only refund the potion received from your payment. Any compensations, rewards, bonus and any other deposit received in your wallet in such nature, and the fund received from other user by wallet transfer despite the original source of the fund, are for usage in our online store, not for refund to your bank account.

This document has been updated at Aug 19, 2021 @ 9:42 PM.