About Our Payment Services Offered to 3rd Parties

In addition to our online store and for your convenience, we, as a separate service offering (apart from our online store), are providing payment services to allow related entities or suppliers to make use of our payment collection facilities, such as our local and foreign bank accounts and all our third party payment facilities in order to simplify and expedite your purchase of their products/services.

Insofar as our bank accounts and our third party payment facilities are used in relation to payments or product offerings of suppliers and entities related to Buythis (Pty) Ltd (other than the products offered us) (“3rd Party Transactions”), it is recorded that:

  1. The supplier/distributor of the product/service shall at all times remain responsible for invoicing and related legal responsibilities in relation to such 3rd Party Transactions. We merely facilitate and accept payment on behalf of the said supplier/distributor;
  2. We accept no liability or responsibility in respect of such 3rd Party Transactions, including (without limitation) liability to you in connection with any product, service or otherwise, purchased through the payment facilities offered on our website. For the avoidance of doubt it is recorded that the supplier/distributor shall, in respect of all 3rd Party Transactions, be directly and solely responsible for the quality, reliability, safety, function, suitability or otherwise, of a product purchased, service used, or otherwise.

In addition to the aforegoing it is recorded that, except our bank accounts, other payment facilities are owned, made available and/or managed by third parties, which third parties are unrelated to us.

These payment facilities (payment gate/collection services) have separate and independent terms and conditions and privacy policies applicable to their respective sites, services and/or products. You are strongly advised to read and familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions and privacy policy on each third parties’ website before you provide personal information or proceed to payment by way of their payment facilities. We shall bear no responsibility or liability for the products offered, services rendered or content provided through or by means of any third party payment facilities.

Please read our privacy policy for our data collection policy as well as links to the policies of these payment facilities.

Our Payment Collection Facilities:


Masterpass is a digital payment service that allows you to pay faster and more securely by storing all of your payment information in one secure location. With Masterpass, you can scan the QR Code to pay. Download the Masterpass App today from:

Our Bank Accounts:

Buythis (Pty) Ltd

Account No.4094975764
Account TypeCheque
Branch Code632005

Buythis (Pty) Ltd

Account No.62776501027
Account TypeCheque
Branch Code252605

Buythis (Pty) Ltd

Account No.1174496932
Account TypeCurrent
Branch Code198765

Standard Bank
Buythis (Pty) Ltd

Account No.025069691
Account TypeSavings
Branch Code051001

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