100% Human Dedication. Warehouse, Collection and Shipping

Our warehouse is located at Jet Park – an industrial hub next to O.R. Tambo International Airport. A confirmation email that states that the order is ready for collection, should be acknowledged and received on your side prior to collecting the order. Our warehouse professionals will provide you with the package sizes and weight indications in the email. This makes things convenient for you pertaining to organizing your own courier company to perform the collection.

It is recorded that the risks in and to the products shall pass on the date on which the 3rd party service provider collects the products from our warehouse and costs of such carriage shall be for your account.

You’re more than welcome to collect your order from our warehouse.

Warehouse Open Hours for Collection:

We provide free shipping

We provide shipping for certain qualified local orders. These involve:

  • Shipping to any address situated in the Gauteng province, South Africa. A free shipping option is only available in respect of orders in excess of R700 incl.VAT.
  • Shipping to any address situated in provinces other than Gauteng but with the republic of South Africa. A free shipping option is only available in respect of orders in excess of R 1200 incl.VAT.
  • All other deliveries shall be charged at a set fee.
  • We shall entitled, in our sole and absolute discretion, to arrange for the delivery of the products with a 3rd party service provider and on such terms and conditions as we deem fit, in the event that you intend to make use of our shipping options.
  • Oversized products and remote deliveries may result additional shipping surcharges, please read below for explanations.

The risk in and to the product/s shall pass to you on date of delivery. Delivery shall be deemed to have taken place against provision of your signature of the delivery note provided by our 3rd party service provider or any other reasonable proof that delivery of the products was tendered at the address which you elected and shall include delivery which was tendered but not possible due to your failure to grant access to the premises and/or take possession of the products/s.

For certain oversized products, we reserve the rights to charge on shipping. More details can be found at lower part of this page.

Special collection notice for overseas orders:

When you arrange a cross border logistic to collect the order, they will request an invoice from you for customs clearance purposes. Once your payment is confirmed, you can find the invoice on your orders page. All necessary export information is on the invoice. If your logistics company asks you again, you can provide the following information:

It is recorded that the risks in and to the products shall pass on the date on which the 3rd party service provider collects the products from our warehouse and costs of such carriage and any exchange, customs or related fees shall be for your account.

Sometimes we do more than one delivery for a single order:

It may occur that some orders are rendered incomplete due to certain products forming a part of the same order being unavailable. In this case, the supplier may take an additional period of time to prepare the rest of the unavailable products so as to complete the order. This calls for us to do a partial delivery in respect of the available products once the A.I. calculation instructs the warehouse to do so and a later delivery upon the remainder of the products becoming available. You will see the relevant details under “Order updates” on the order details page. No additional shipping costs need to be paid if we have to ship more than once in respect of the same order and no shipping costs will be compensated if you have to pick up the order from the warehouse more than once.

Heavy object offloading:

We sell business and industrial supplies. This includes machines, spare parts, consumables etc. and these may be oversized and heavier than average man power can handle. Rest assured, we have the proper equipment to work the load at our warehouse. Once the shipment arrives at your place, it’s your responsibility and under your cost to offload, unpack and/or install the products. For any failed offloads which may cause additional shipment costs to us or to our supplier, the payment will be made before the second delivery attempt. Undeliverable items will be returned to the supplier for restock. Restocking fees and shipping costs will be levied to your online wallet account and the settlement will be required before we deliver again.

We reserve the rights to charge additional shipping costs:

We, in our sole and absolute discretion, reserve the right to charge additional shipping costs before we fulfil the order in the event that the shipping costs are significantly higher than the average due to (without limitation) the size of the items being delivered or the remote locality of the delivery address. Notwithstanding the aforegoing, we may generally (again without limitation to our aforegoing discretion) consider:

  • the order as being oversized if any single product cannot be hand moved or loaded by two persons or if there is one or more oversized products in your order; and
  • the delivery destination to be remote if the delivery destination is situated in a rural area or outside of city centres.

If such additional shipping costs cannot be agreed upon prior to delivery, your order will be cancelled and the funds already paid will be deposited into your online wallet. This applies to both free shipping and fixed amount shipping options.

We don’t take returns. Our suppliers do, conditionally:

In order to lower our management costs, we do not cancel or take back your order once it has been fulfilled from our stock management system. If you have any products you would like to send back, please fill this form for the authorization number and drop off instruction. Once we receive it, we will forward it to the supplier and the supplier will contact you for the next step you can take.

Undeliverable shipments are sent back to the supplier for restock. Restock is a process performed to check and repack the product if necessary. Generally speaking, up to 10% of the product’s price will be charged as a restocking fee. The exact percentage per case is decided by the supplier, and levied to your account directly by the supplier without any interference from us.

For every product we list with warranty terms and for every product that has a warranty, you need to contact the supplier directly for any product exchanges/repairs. In most cases you need to send or bring the product back to the supplier for any exchanges/repairs which take place under the instruction of supplier. For oversized products, the supplier has a call-out service you need to utilize in order to get your purchase repaired under warranty terms. A cost may be charged directly by the supplier for such a service.

For every product has no warranty, please do not drop it back if you changed your mind or it cannot work on your case. Please do a proper study before placing the order. 

Please specially note products that fall under software and consumables categories, will not be subject to exchange and or repair. No suppliers will provide exchange and/or repair.

What happens when you receive the wrong products?

With our sophisticated warehouse management system “Fulfilment” in place, the occurrence of you receiving the wrong products will only mean that the supplier placed the wrong SKU on the product. In this case, be sure to return the wrong products received, back to the supplier. Once the supplier has confirmed the mistake, they will trigger the reshipping service which the A.I. system will handle automatically and another shipment will be arranged. In some cases, the supplier may also choose to exchange or have some sort of settlement agreement with you, directly.

What happens if products get lost or damaged during shipping?

We always suggest that you collect any fragile and or high value products from our warehouse in order to avoid possible loss or damage. If you instruct your logistics company to collect the order on your behalf, please advise them to examine the package and take photos if necessary as we won’t be taking any responsibility once the package leaves our warehouse.

As far as deliveries done by logistic companies we pay for are concerned, see to it that you DO NOT sign for the package if you feel that anything is wrong. Make it a habit to open the package and take photos of it in the presence of delivery personal. From then on, send us a message regarding the order and other relevant details and we will claim the damages with the logistic company as well as require compensation from them. Please note that the logistic company’s compensation for damage or loss is not high. In most cases it amounts to about one or two thousand Rand. We will deposit whatever we received into your online wallet account. We will not be responsible for any shortfall. We strongly suggest you arrange your own shipment if you want to insure your purchase.

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